2015 PCCFFAP Bargaining Team

Bargaining Team Left to Right: Jaime Rodriguez, Minoo Marashi, Frank Goulard, Chelsea Kimmett, Ed Degrauw, Corrinne Crawford, Michael Cannarella.

The lead negotiator is Edward.Degrauw@pccffap.org, The Labor Relations Specialist for the Federation is michael.cannarella@pccffap.org.

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Catch the Spirit of the 76%!

 The week of April 21st to 23rd.  Check out the  tables on each Campus from 9 AM to 6 PM. 

 Friendly Part-Time Faculty, fun facts, bargaining  updates and faculty stories.  You will find it on  campus, (Cascade, Sylvania, South East and  Rock Creek) in the public areas.

Catch the Spirit of the 76%!